Happy Monday, dear RocketNews24 readers! Here in Japan it’s been an especially gloomy Monday as it’s the first day back to work after the all too short New Year’s break. But there’s nothing like taking a sneaky peek at a few cute cat pictures on your phone during the morning meeting or lecture to get you feeling a little less blue, so here you go.

This snow-white kitty is cute enough as it is, but what does he do when his owner flips the switch on the heated rug beneath him?

Twitter user @nike8AO shares photos of their adorable white cat who positively adores rugs. This winter he especially seems to love this particular rug, and for a very good reason – it’s heated!

▼”His face when I switch on the electric rug.”



Every morning when I have to leave the warmth of my bed I wish I were a cat since they get away with eating and sleeping all day and everyone still thinks they’re cute, not lazy bums. But alas, I am not, so I have to content myself with looking at pictures like these with a mixture of happiness and envy.

Here are a few more bonus shots of the gorgeous feline.

▼”Happy New Year!”


Look at those beautiful eyes.

We hope you all enjoy your Monday as much as possible!

Source: HamuSoku
Images: Twitter