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I’m going to confess something that, this being the Internet, I’m almost certain is going to make me deeply unpopular and possibly get me fired from my writing job: I hate cats.

I hate ’em. I hate them so much that, apropos of nothing, the very idea of cats and how much I hate them pops into my mind a few times a day even when there are no cats around to spur my ire. I hate them when the three or four strays in my neighborhood wake me up in the middle of the night with their incessant mewling and fighting. I hate them when they get too close and trigger my allergies. I hate them in a box, I hate them with a fox, I hate them with a mouse, and I certainly hate them in my house.

That said, I think the new rescue cat cafe, SAVE CAT CAFE, which opened in Osaka on April 1, is just the cat’s meow.

So, if you rage-clicked the title of this article, let me clear something up: The above click-bait lede was an exaggeration. The big reason I’m not the most fond of cats is that I am horribly, terribly allergic to them. Other than that, I think they’re adorable and fascinating and I would happily pet one so long as I could do it using a Deluxe Gopher, and I think even the scruffiest of strays or rescue cats deserves a loving home (just, you know… not mine), and that’s the whole concept behind SAVE CAT CAFE.

Every cat in the Osaka cafe is a rescue of some kind. Much like the awesome cat cafe in New York that we featured recently, visitors are welcome to treat SAVE CAT CAFE just like any other cat cafe, hanging out and paying for a latte or whatever, which your adorable cat of choice will probably callously paw off the table for you. But, should you become absolutely smitten with the coy aloofness of a particular cat at SAVE CAT CAFE, you’re encouraged to adopt it.

▼ And, allergies aside, how could you not want to adopt this little guy?


The cafe is equipped just like an animal shelter and can facilitate interviews to determine a guest’s fitness to adopt. Interested parties can even take a cat home for a trial period before committing to a formal adoption, to make sure the cat gets along with the family and that none of the kids at home are dangerously allergic to cats (THANKS, MOM!). 

Thinking of dropping by and checking out the cats available? Here’s a quick gallery of some of the felines at SAVE CAT CAFE. You’ll notice that almost all of whom have the tips of their ears clipped – this isn’t a sign that they’re all in the same street gang, but an indication that they have been spayed or neutered, and is something that many local authorities are doing recently when trying to keep the number of strays under control without having to put them down.



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Visiting Osaka or live in the area? SAVE CAT CAFE is open 12-8pm daily except for Mondays and the second and third Tuesday of the month. No word if you’re allowed to bring your own laser pointers. Here’s a map:

Source: Curazy
Photos: Official blog and homepage