Following his tradition of the past few years, RocketNews24’s ace reporter and calendar model Mr. Sato dutifully lined up outside the Apple Store in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood to wait for the January 2 release of the its 2015 lucky bag (luckily, his experience waiting outside wasn’t nearly as traumatic as the poor folks’ up in Sapporo). Although he was hoping to score a MacBook Air for the second year running, this year our man had his eye on another item as well–the Apple Store lucky bag-exclusive t-shirt.

Will Mr. Sato find the coveted t-shirt in his bag again this year? See his haul after the jump!

Last year, Mr. Sato opened up his Apple Store lucky bag to discover an unusual limited edition t-shirt, but was subsequently shocked by how–for lack of a better word–LAME it looked:

▼Seriously, whoever designed this must have been desperate for a new pair of pajamas or something…


On the other hand, scoring a MacBook Air at a fraction of the price was super exciting. So exciting, in fact, that Mr. Sato made a video of himself celebrating his new toy by dancing to AKB48’s “Koi Suru Fortine Cookie” right outside the Shibuya Apple Store and famous scramble intersection:

▼Featuring cameos by other Japanese RocketNews24 staff members, too!

Mr. Sato definitely hit the jackpot last year, but did his luck continue into 2015? At a cost of 36,000 yen (US$298.79), those lucky bags certainly don’t come cheap, so we seriously hope that he got something worthwhile. 

Let’s see what he found in his Apple Store lucky bag this time around:

Item #1: iPod touch 16GB (20,800 yen/$172.64). Not a bad start.


Item #2: Apple TV (9,800 yen/$81.34)


Item #3: Powerbeats² wireless earphones (20,600 yen/$170.98). Nice.


▼Item #4: Mophie powerstation juice pack 4000mAh limited edition (8,800 yen/$73.04).


▼Item #5: Incase ICON slim pack limited edition (15,800 yen/$131.14).


▼Item #6: Unmarked iTunes gift card, a value of anywhere from 1,000-50,000 yen ($8.30-414.99).


There’s no way to know the monetary value of the iTunes gift card until you register the code with iTunes. If by chance you score the maximum possible value of 50,000 yen ($414.99), the value of your lucky bag could skyrocket to an impressive 76,800 yen ($637.42)! 

Unfortunately Mr. Sato didn’t win a MacBook Air, iPad, iPad mini, or perhaps most disappointingly, another lame t-shirt this year. To recap, here are all of the goodies in Mr. Sato’s 2015 Apple Store lucky bag:


▼Apparently, staff gave out bottled water and sweets to the people waiting in front of the Shibuya Apple Store. People at other stores received hot coffee.


▼Mr. Sato’s numbered ticket card for entry into the store



▼A Shibuya-exclusive tag


Cheer up, Mr. Sato–you’ve got only 363 days left until your next chance!

Original article by Mr. Sato
Images © RocketNews24
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