Whether you’re swiping at a mobile game or making a point, these cats keep their paws on your finger everywhere you go!

If you love cosying up to warm snuggly cats during winter, you’ll love slipping your hands into these limited edition kitty gloves from Felissimo. Last year, the Japanese retailer released their first set of cat-adorned mitts, with each one featuring the long tail of a feline extending down the forefinger, but for this year’s winter release, they’re using cat paws for the pointy finger, which means that kitties now get to reach out and curiously grab or swipe at everything you do too!

▼ To see the new cat gloves in action, check out the cute clip below!

▼ Called “Cat Punch Gloves”, these come in three designs: Kijitora (brown-grey tabby)…


▼ Sabatora (mackerel tabby)…


▼ And Shirokuro Hachiware, which is a black-and-white cat with a distinctive angular forehead patch.



▼ Inside, hands are kept warm with a soft fleece lining.


While the main body of the glove is made from a warm material, the thumb and forefinger are covered with a conductive fabric so you don’t ever have to take them off when using your phone. That means your cat gets to swipe at monsters in the Pokémon Go augmented reality mobile game!


Another new feature on the gloves this year is the addition of a fur lining, which keeps wrists warm and adds to the feline effect on your hands.


Each pair retails for 4,295 yen (US$42.52), and will be available to purchase from the Felissimo website in two set periods, with orders placed by 8 December being delivered within Japan by 23 December, and orders placed by 16 January being delivered within Japan by 31 January.


Source, Images: PR Times