Summer in Japan can be brutal if you’re not used to the humidity. At least one of the writers here at the RocketNew24 office has melted into a puddle of and had to be reconstituted in a meat locker last month. Fortunately, the heat is starting to abate and autumn is in sight!

But while we’re happy we won’t have to worry about being liquefied anymore, there is one thing we’ll miss: Playing in the pool. We can’t do that once winter has set in and we’re missing the summer sun, but at least we’ll have this insanely adorable video of a dog whose owner steals its every attempt to get a shower.

Twitter user @anbili_P recently tweeted a short video of an adorable dog and its repeated attempts to get a shower. As the tweet reads: “I love this dog! It’s so mad because it wants a shower, but it just can’t get one!”

[tweet align=center]

Of course, the reason it can’t get a shower is that someone is turning off the water, so we can understand why the little cutie would be pissed. How would you like it if someone turned the water off every time you stepped into the shower?!

Still, everything seems to be in good fun — we might even go so far as to say that the adorable dog looks like it’s having quite a good time! Hopefully it did eventually get its shower though…we bet it smells pretty awful from all the running around.

Source/image: Twitter (@anbili_P)