The popular bowing cat meme has just become a soft carry pouch.

Cats often have a habit of sleeping with their faces buried in their paws, looking just like they’re bowing deeply, prostrate on the floor in what can be seen as the deepest gesture of apology in Japan. Owners have dubbed the pose the “Gomen Ne”, (ごめん寝), which means “I’m sorry”, only it uses the kanji for ne (ru), 寝, to sleep, which plays up the fact that cats aren’t really apologising at all.

▼ “Me? Apologise? I’d rather sleep than say sorry.”


The pose is so adorable that pet owners around the country create memes and post pictures of their sleeping cats with the “gomen ne” hashtag whenever they catch them in the act. Now, thanks to the feline-friendly folk at Japanese online apparel company Felissimo, even non-cat owners can enjoy the pleasures of an adorable “sorry cat” with a new lineup of gorgeous carry pouches.

▼ There are six designs, retailing for 1,992 yen (US$16.94) each.


▼ The “gomen ne” pose looks adorable from any angle!


Underneath, you can see the cheeky cats aren’t sleeping at all. They do have an adorably sorry look on their faces, though!


Measuring 21 centimetres (8.3 inches) in length, the soft cats make for a cute spot to keep your smartphone while at home.


And when you’re out and about, the sorry pose is perfect for peeping out of handbags too!


As with all Felissimo products, part of the purchase price goes towards the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and assist with foster pet programs. Which suddenly makes the cats look like they’re not apologising, but instead bowing in thanks for helping them out!


Source: Felissimo
Top Image: Felissimo (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: : Hatukuro, Felissimo