Public transportation can be a cheap and convenient way to get around, but sometimes that means having to occasionally deal with rude strangers. For minor offenses, usually the best thing to do is ignore the situation and hope you’re not stuck with their unpleasant company your whole commute, but what happens when their behavior is so atrocious you and those around you can’t help but speak up?

In the best-case scenario, voicing your objection might urge them to re-think their actions, but for some, like this rowdy passenger captured on video in Shanghai, China, it may only serve to fuel their disorderly conduct.

On October 17, footage was taken of a young man yelling profanities at other train passengers during a morning commute on the Shanghai Metro.

Apparently the commotion began after one woman sitting across from the man scolded him for spitting numerous times on the floor of the train car. Enraged, the man began to shout profanities at her in front of young children and elderly passengers until other riders could no longer take it and took it upon themselves to intervene.

This unfortunately did not discourage him from continuing his unruly tirade, however, and one rider had to be physically restrained from physically taking out his irritation on the young  perpetrator in question.

In Japan it’s rare to see someone comment on someone’s poor behavior to their face, but it makes us wonder what kind of reaction such extreme bad manners would have received had the situation taken place here instead. If you were a passenger on this train, would you have gone out of your way to say something?

Either way, we think it’s safe to say this young man is long overdue for a lesson from Mom on good manners, and he probably needs his mouth washed out with soap a few times for good measure.

Source: Shanghaiist, YouTube/HLC Media
Feature/top image: YouTube/HLC Media