When others didn’t have the courage to stand up and correct a misbehaving child that wasn’t theirs, this Japanese bus driver stepped up to the job!

I love kids — I honestly do! I worked for a few years at a daycare, in addition to putting in some time at a kindergarten, and watching the kids learn and grow was such a wonderful, rewarding experience. But, as anyone who’s worked with kids will tell you, it’s not always fun and games and smiles and giggles. Sometimes they don’t get personal boundaries, don’t know how to think of anyone but themselves, and simply don’t understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them and they can’t just do whatever they want. Whether you choose to correct bad behavior with a calm talking-to or a firm scolding, it’s important to teach and remind the little ones in our care that there are consequences to their actions.

However, when you’re not technically the child’s guardian, it gets a bit tougher to step in when they’re misbehaving. But as the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and so when this grade schooler in Japan thought it funny to pull some pranks on the bus ride home, the driver put on his scary father mask and set the kid straight.

@tutomuV3 relayed what happened on his bus ride home though Twitter:


“On the bus home, some little elementary-school brat kept pushing the ‘stop’ button, but when the bus would stop he’d say, ‘Not here! Hehe,’ or ‘I lied! Tehe.’ Finally after a few times, the driver stopped the bus and said, ‘Whoever pushed the button, get off the bus.’ ‘Not here! Tehe!’ ‘Get off. We’re gonna stay here til you get off.’ ‘No way.’ ‘Yes way. Get off.’ ‘Ehhhh.’ ‘Get. Off.'”


“‘I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.’ ‘It’s too late. Get off.’ ‘But this isn’t my stop.’ ‘But you pushed the button didn’t you?’ ‘I’m sorry (half in tears)’ ‘Hurry up and get off, you’re holding everyone up.’ ‘I’m sorryyyy! (full-on crying)’ ‘You’re from XX Elementary right? I’ll be sure to tell them about this.’ Way to go, bus driver. Your opponent may have been a little brat, but you had a heart of stone. What a rock star!”

“In the end the driver took the kid to his stop, and all the while he was sniveling away and getting dirty looks from other passengers…”

▼ Push the button to notify the driver you want to get off the bus


Image: Ube-shi Koutsuukyoku

Readers seemed to be very supportive of the bus driver:

“I think that bus driver and I would get along really well lol.”
“There are a lot of kids these days who need that sort of discipline.”
“That driver is amazing. It’s good that he gave the kid a ride in the end, too.”

This kid no doubt learned a very hard lesson that day, and kudos to the bus driver for taking the time out of his busy schedule to teach it to him! And we’re glad that, in the end, he even had the compassion to give the student a second chance and gave him a ride home.

Source and images: Twitter/@tutomuV3 via My Game News Flash
Top image: Wikipedia