Even if you’re sick of Frozen, you can’t miss this unlicensed, totally bonkers souvenir one Japanese Twitter user got from the Philippines.

Unlicensed and counterfeit goods are nothing new, and you can find them on street corners the world over. But while a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag isn’t really anything to write home about, sometimes counterfeiters manage to create products that transcend trademark laws and become almost…magical.

For example, one Japanese Twitter user was in the Philippines recently when he found tops made to look like Elsa and Anna’s heads that light up and blink while blaring obnoxious techno music!

▼ So bizarre and hilarious we’ll forgive him for filming this in vertical orientation.

Here’s another video from the original Twitter user’s sibling with a bit more of the song. Play it on repeat and you can get a Frozen-themed rave going!

We like to think that just a few more seconds and the song would have turned into a bootleg dubstep remix of “Let It Go” by Skrillex and Adele.

Twitter users instantly loved the madness in the videos, just like us! Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I totally lost it as soon as the music start playing.”
“This is illegal, right?”
“Isn’t that the song from Beverly Hills Cop?!”
“Well, that was unexpected…”

But our favorite comment sums things up as simply as possible: One user simply stated “why” without any punctuation at all. We feel safe in saying this person speaks for us all. And yet…we want one! Sadly, we suspect it would be impossible to buy one of these awesome toys without going to the Philippines ourselves, and we already used up all of our vacation days.

Though maybe Mr. Sato knows a guy…

Sources: TogetchTwitter/@kimomidori
Featured image: Twitter/@kimomidori