Struggling to get back to work after the long weekend? Kickstart your week with these silly, pooping kitties!

Cats are delightfully odd creatures, as any cat owner can attest. And while we may occasionally get annoyed with their antics, we have to admit the weirdness is generally part of why we love them so much! And one tweet that exploded over the weekend provides the perfect, flabbergasting example:


The sister of Twitter user and manga artist Mizuki Setoguchi snapped this bewildering photo last week and sent it over to the artist, who later tweeted it. Mizuki’s tweet exploded in popularity after making the rounds online, accumulating over 11,000 retweets and getting numerous replies.

But Mizuki’s sister’s cat is hardly the only one making Twitter users laugh. This white kitty had people cracking up over the summer.

As did this adorable black cat, who appears to be pooping out Satan himself…

▼ “It hurts so gooooooood!”

And then there’s cat who apparently poops in a pose that we can only describe as looking like Batman about to leap off the top of a building.

Of course, cats standing up in order to do their business isn’t exactly a revelation. Some cats apparently just do this, like the adorable kitten in this 2013 video.

In fact, based on the number of results we got by googling “why does my cat poop standing up?” we’re starting to think this is just another way for cats around the world to mess with their humans. Kind of like bizarre, cross-species performance art.

▼ Or maybe a way to keep an eye on their surroundings?

nyanko (2)Sake to Rokku no Nichijo

And then, of course, there are the felines that have learned how to use human toilets…

Hopefully they won’t figure out how to use the can openers too. We shudder to imagine a world where the cats realize they no longer need to keep us alive!

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Featured image: Twitter/@MiGiiiiii