One Twitter user’s cat photo has sent ripples of laughter through the Internet, but it’s more than just the cute feline that’s tickling funny bones!

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The simple tweet above has gotten tens of thousands of retweets and favorites, and it’s not hard to see why — it looks like the cat’s tail is going right in that guy’s nose! But placement is only half the joke here, because it’s the subtitles that really push this over the top. It reads, “That’s exactly what love is,” and if you’re anything like the rest of the Internet, it certainly looks like Korean actor In-sun Jo is overly fond of cat tails in his nostril! Even if the title of the show, It’s Okay, That’s Love, might suggest otherwise, we’re pretty sure cat tails in your nose are not love.

Or maybe we’ve just been doing romance wrong all our lives…

As it turns out, @_yokoyoko_ is the happy owner of three cats — so there will be no shortage of adorable feline photos today!

▼ The best way to spend the weekend? Sprawled out napping on the floor!

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▼ Why is this kitty high-fiving in its sleep? We don’t know, but don’t leave it hanging!

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▼ It looks like @_yokoyoko_ has found the perfect place to keep erasers!

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▼ My face when…someone gives me cookie dough!

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Finally, here’s a photo of someone snuggling with kittens, which is just about the best thing in the world.

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Enjoy the rest of your day, becaue you know that’s just what these cats are going to be doing!

Sources: HamusokuTwitter/@_yokoyoko_
Featured image: Twitter/@_yokoyoko_