Cat Scan

The digital image created captures kitty in a moment of quiet determination, with a face of uncertain triumph.

Cat owners will know how hard it is to complete even the simplest of tasks without having a furry, tail-flicking feline getting in the way. That’s exactly what happened to Twitter user @MiGiiiiii recently, when an attempt to scan a simple document turned into a tense battle for domination between cat and whirring, light-emitting machine.

▼ The series of photos posted on Twitter show how the battle played out.

The cat’s owner says this is typically what happens whenever the scanner is turned on. The curious kitten runs out from nowhere and begins making frantic attempts to open the lid.

Cat Scan 2

There was no chance of a document making its way to the glass surface with this ball of fur in the way, so in an attempt to scare the kitten off, the owner pressed the scan button. Instead of running away, however, the tenacious cat simply sat on top of the machine, determined to overpower it with the weight of its body.

Cat Scan 3

The moment was captured forever in a digital image, with the cat’s cute pink paws of strength pushing down the might of the machine. The curious face behind it all, however, shows an uncertain sense of victory, with kitty perhaps sensing this is not to be their final encounter.

▼ This curious kitten certainly brings new meaning to the term “cat scan”.

Cat Scan 5

While it’s unclear who won the battle for supremacy in this round, one thing is certain – the two foes will be back again to fight it out, making it impossible for any office work to get done in the process!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@MiGiiiiii