The head of a security and crime prevention dealer has been getting renewed attention on YouTube with videos of him trying out the merchandise on himself.

KSP Self-Defense & Security is a Fukuoka-based company which sells various nonlethal self-defense and crime prevention tools such as stun guns and pepper spray. The retailer’s CEO, Koichi Shiraishi, stands by the quality of his goods, and he ought to know, because he regularly puts out videos of him incapacitating himself with them.

Why not pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of schadenfreude, and have a watch?

What sets this apart from other videos of guys stunning themselves is that Shiraishi really doesn’t seem to be doing it for thrills or attention. The somewhat pained expression on his face and strain in his voice as he introduces each weapon has all the excitement and anticipation of a guy waiting for his colonoscopy. I can’t speak for the past financial performance of KSP, but this guy really looks like he felt he had no choice but to do this.

Then, when he finally stuns himself, we’re left with about a minute of an empty chair as Shiraishi writhes in pain on the floor and attempts to recover himself enough to stop the camera.

Also, if it wasn’t for my interest in Shiraishi’s self-abuse I wouldn’t have learned about this little thing that’s like a riot shield but has some metal strips which deliver a disabling shock to the system.

Our third and final video doesn’t even have an introduction and starts off with an unsettling shot of Shiraishi standing in an open field with an even more pensive look than usual on his face and all the production value of a snuff film.

However, as the titles explains, he is about to test “the strongest pepper spray” F-605, available (of course) at KSP Self-Defense & Security.

He then crawls along the ground as mucus streams from his face. After about a minute and 18 seconds, he shouts “Give up!” and some guys come over to help rinse his face off.

It’s been three years since then and thankfully KSP has been doing well enough that Shiraishi doesn’t feel the need to put himself at the business end of a cattle prod anymore. But every so often people stumble across his videos and remark at his dedication to his business. A recent tweet of a KSP video gathered over 13,000 retweets and these comments.

“Meh, I’ve seen presidents in other countries testing bullet-proof vests themselves.”
“It really does help me understand the strength of these products.”
“By the look on his face he seems to know exactly what’s coming, and it isn’t good.”
“I want to buy something just to make him stop.”

It looks as if enough people have felt the same way as that last commenter to keep business going, but you know that Shiraishi is keeping a watchful eye on those books, dreading the day if KSP ever slips into the red and he’ll have to dust off that camera again.

Source: KSP Self-Defense & Security, Twitter/@silence_dancer via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Images: YouTube/Shiraishi Koichi