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Metal doors, steel tunnels, neon lights, rust everywhere—the end of the world never looked so cool.

Even if you’ve never heard of Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, you’ve seen its influence. Ghost in the Shell, Bladerunner, Shenmue, and so many more movies and video games got their aesthetic inspiration from this now-demolished city.

Not many pictures exist of Kowloon Walled City before its demolition in 1993, but here you can see the outside of the walled city, and a rare glimpse of sunlight from within it.

real kowloon cityWikimedia Commons, Wikipedia (Edited by RocketNews24)

And if you ever wanted to visit the city that inspired sci-fi for decades to come, you don’t need a time machine anymore: in Japan’s Kawasaki City, the Kawasaki Warehouse arcade is designed after Kowloon Walled City, bringing it back to life in all of its metallic dystopian glory.

We’ve seen pictures of the Kawasaki Warehouse arcade before, but YouTube channel beatdownboogie recently posted a video giving a tour of the arcade, so you can see all of the cyber-liciousness for yourself.

Watch the full video here, or scroll down for highlights.

▼ You know that when the outside of the building looks like this,
and no one under 18 is allowed in, you’re in for an awesome time.

kowloon arcade 01

▼ After going through the heavy front doors, you get a metal tunnel…

kowloon arcade 02

▼ …leading you to an ominous-looking octagon.

kowloon arcade 04

▼ Oh yes. My cyberpunk heart is swooning so hard right now.

kowloon arcade 05

▼ And of course you have to cross a pool of acid…
but wait, didn’t we say this was an arcade?

kowloon arcade 06

Oh. My. God.
My cyberpunk heart has officially cyber-melted.

kowloon arcade 07

▼ The grunge. The posters plastered everywhere. The Chinese lights.
…do they offer monthly live-in plans?

kowloon arcade 08

▼ I feel like I should be searching for a martial arts master
while being chased by riot police with my hologram sidekick.

kowloon arcade 09

▼ Just steer clear of the bathrooms if possible.
Unless you’re looking for that super authentic experience.

kowloon arcade 10

If you’re in Japan and you’re a fan of the dystopian sci-fi aesthetic, then you owe it to yourself to visit Kawasaki Warehouse for the experience of a lifetime. Even if you’re not in Japan and you’re a fan, then you may want to start saving up those credits for a transport over there.

And if you want to see more videos of cool spots in Japan, check out beatdownboogie’s YouTube channel. Here’s a sample of their trip to Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant, which is just as intensely sci-fi as the Kowloon City arcade, but in a much more colorful way.

Source/insert images: YouTube/beatdownboogie
Featured/top image: YouTube/beatdownboobie (Edited by RocketNews24)