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Fans in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong will be able to join the ninja action in a live-viewing of the final Tokyo performance of the Live Spectacle Naruto play!

It’s not often that you get to see your favorite manga/anime characters come to life on stage. But that’s exactly what happened with the play Live Spectacle Naruto, which was performed last year in four cities in Japan as well as Macao, Malaysia and Singapore and will now be returning this summer to Osaka (July 30 – August 7) and Tokyo (August 13 – 28).

And even if you can’t make it to those two cities, fans in other parts of Japan as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong will have the chance to at least share the experience in a live public viewing of the play’s final performance in Tokyo on August 28. The live viewing, which will start at 6 p.m. and run for the entire show until the last curtain call, will be held at select movie theaters, and they’ve already announced the theaters in Japan where the viewings will take place. Information on the participating theaters in Taiwan and Hong Kong will be released at a later date.

▼ The visuals certainly look like something to get excited over!

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This year’s production apparently features improved special effects and completely new music, so fans lucky enough to be seeing it should have plenty to look forward to.

▼ Believe it — the show should be like stepping into the world of Naruto!


Tickets for the live viewing in Japan are priced at 3,600 yen (US$34), and orders for the first set of advance tickets (to be sold by lottery) are being taken from now until June 29, with a second phase of advance ticket orders (also by lottery) scheduled from July 2 to July 10, followed by regular ticket sales starting from July 30. Orders can be placed through the Lawson Ticket and e+ sites, and for regular ticket sales, at Lawson, Ministop and Family Mart stores (through their in-store ticketing machines) as well.

Well, seeing that the show was enough of a success for it to return this year, audiences will hopefully enjoy the music and ninja action again this summer!

Source: PR Times press release 
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