A baby in Japan has become an overnight Internet sensation after showing a strange affinity for the remote controller in his left hand…but not the right.

This baby has the Internet puzzled as to why the left controller is so precious. Check out the video below and see if you can see anything special about it!


In the video we see a cute baby holding two controllers. The baby is kind enough to offer one to the man sitting opposite him at the table – presumably his “papa” or perhaps a family friend?

But the man takes the left controller instead of the one being offered by the baby. Oh, no! Cue the waterworks. The baby is not impressed and starts crying hysterically. When the man gives back the left controller, the baby immediately stops crying.

It now appears that in the baby’s hysteria, it offers off the coveted left remote instead of the right remote that he is actually trying to give away. The man takes the left remote being offered and once again the baby breaks down in tears.

Every time the man takes the right remote controller, the baby is fine with that, but every time the man takes the left controller, even when voluntarily offered up by the baby, it is overcome with sadness.

So, let us get this one straight? Left controller, very important. Right controller, not worthy of love!

This video has been shared on Twitter over 24,000 times and liked over 35,000 times. There’s just something very cute about babies and their tiny quirks, even if we have no idea why!

Seems like it’s my way or the highway for this little cutie…or maybe there’s just something really special about that left controller.

Source/featured image: Twitter/@L1dYswo1FzFZ0Ii