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Real estate company creates a “Let’s Enjoy Bikini Size! video that shows off more than just their rooms.

With so many real estate companies and businesses in Japan, it’s important to find ways to appeal to potential tenants and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Leopalace21 is doing just that with a new video featuring Karen, who belongs to a popular team of Japanese go-go dancers called “Cyberjapan Dancers”. In the video, Karen kicks, jumps, and squats in an exercise routine that will make you forget ever seeing what types of rooms are available in the rental company’s portfolio. Check out the clip below.

The collaboration between the dance unit and rental company is designed to introduce viewers to “exercises they can do in their rooms”. With Leopalace21’s room designs being standard across a number of their purpose-built apartment buildings, they’re able to offer room types like “leocomfort”…

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▼ … L-Section, which includes a small loft space….

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▼ … and Arma-L, which has a stylish mirror and large sink.

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To find out more about Leopalace21 and their available apartments, you can stop by their English website here, and to see more of exercising Cyberjapan Dancer Karen, follow her on Instagram or Twitter. Now it’s time for just one more peek at that video. For the exercise tips, of course.

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: YouTube/Leopalace21CH
Screenshots: YouTube/Leopalace21CH