The Games may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is.

The Rio Olympics have just wrapped up in the best way possible, and now the world must wait with bated breath for four years until the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

If the anticipation is already getting to you and you’re not sure how you will pass the time until then, here is something to start with:

A candid photo of Olympic swimmer Kosuke Hagino prepping for the 200-meter freestyle semi-finals…

While the shot in and of itself deserves a gold medal, things get even better when it’s posted to r/photoshopbattles on Reddit:

▼ When your own hands turn against you…

▼ Oh no, not again

▼ “Welcome… to Olympic Park.”

▼ I think he’s now truly ready for the relay.

And of course, this is a given:

Okay, so we’ve killed a few of the over two million minutes until the next Summer Olympics comes around. I guess we’ll just have to look back at more highlights from this year’s Games and imagine what sort of greatness we will be bestowed with next time!

Source: Reddit via Taxi
Top image: Imgur/hauntedwolfman