If you’re an athlete who runs from side to side or jumps up and down, these cute cats will love you, regardless of where you’re from!

We love watching animals watching television, and now that the summer Olympics is being broadcast into homes around the world, pets everywhere are being treated to exciting scenes of colour and movement as athletes show off their skills. In Japan, pictures and videos of excited felines have been popping up on social media, showing just how much cats love following competitors as they compete in events on their screens. Let’s take a look at some of these cute four-legged spectators below!

▼ The back-and-forth between certainly brings a lot of happiness to this soccer fan!

But if there was ever a sport to capture a cat’s attention, it would have to be trampolining, with these kittens showing just how exciting it can be to watch humans jumping up and down.

▼ And those two weren’t the only kitties “cheering on” the competitors!

Cat lovers online can’t get enough of the furry sports fanatics, showing their affection with comments like:

“These animals are so adorable! I wish my kittens showed an interest in sports like this!”
“Wow – they’re watching things much more seriously than I ever do!”
“My cats go crazy when the tennis is on.”
“It’s like they want to be the ones competing at the Games!”
“They deserve a gold medal for cuteness!”

With such an enthusiastic feline audience, we’d love to one day see an Olympics for cats. Different breeds competing in different playtime events with kittens in the crowd and watching from home? That would be purr-fect!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@cat_hometown