Waiting outside may now be more fun than getting inside.

Waiting to get into a restaurant has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re hungry, you were told the wait would be twenty minutes, it’s already been half an hour, you’re holding onto that blinky-vibraty-thing with a death grasp for any sign of life, and you’re pretty sure the family of five that was just seated got into line after you.

But no more. Nissan has managed to do the impossible and achieve something we never thought we’d live to see: making waiting in line fun.

How do they do it? With self-queuing, self-moving chairs.

Watch the ProPILOT Chairs in action here:

▼ “Is that a g-g-g-g-ghost?!”
“No ma’am, it’s just the future.”


▼ This looks like a scene out of a cyberpunk movie, not real life!


▼ The chair has applications outside of simply waiting for restaurants,
such as using it for seated tours.


▼ The ProPILOT Chair uses the same concept
as Nissan’s ProPILOT self-driving cars.


What a time to be alive. The amount of technology in these little chairs is incredible. The ProPILOT Chairs use mounted cameras and sensors to maintain a safe distance and travel along a set path by automatically detecting and following the chair ahead of it.

▼ Forget the restaurant!
We just want to play around in the waiting area.


Nissan has been asking for Japanese shops and restaurants to request their own ProPILOT Chairs by using the hashtag #NissanProPilotChair on Twitter. Other non-restaurant owners have chimed in with their opinions, which have been mostly positive, but there have been at least a few humorous concerns:

What do you think of the ProPILOT Chair? Is it just a silly gimmick, or will we all be waiting in self-queuing chairs within the next few years? Personally I’d like to have one in my home, preferably a reclining one that could just slip me into bed after I’d fallen asleep at the desk. Let’s just hope they never make a self-moving toilet, or else humanity is done for.

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Images: Nissan ProPILOT Chair Press Release