It’s so comfortable, you’ll be fighting enemies as you fight off sleep.

Gamers go to great lengths customizing their gaming setups, be it with 32-inch 4K HD monitors, incredibly responsive multi-button mice, high-performance mechanical keyboards, or luxurious gaming seats.

Bauhutte, the genius Japanese company responsible for anti-feline chairs, proposes the epitome of setups for gamers in the form of a cockpit gaming desk using a combination of their products. The trade-off is that you might end up actually falling asleep in it.

▼The cockpit gaming desk. Yes, the dude’s lying down!

Perhaps the centerpiece to this cockpit configuration is the reclining gaming chair, and Bauhutte recommends you use their RS-950RR or RS-800RR models along with a gaming ottoman BOT-01 to prop up your feet.

▼ “Sorry team, I fell asleep.”

A fully-adjustable sturdy long arm attached to the desk holds a monitor (or two) in place at a comfortable angle, affording a view of the excitement in a relaxed posture.

Unsurprisingly, this bears a striking resemblance to a warded patient on a hospital bed, if not for the inclusion of two height-adjustable carts containing your PC and little whatnots, which give it more of a “cockpit” feel. Place your mousepad on top of either carts, get cozy on your chair, and you’re ready to lop off some virtual heads.

▼ Slay your enemies in maximum comfort.

Excluding the monitor, the PC and its peripherals, the whole gaming setup is estimated to cost a whopping 192,750 yen (US$1,733) using Bauhutte furnishings available online. That would include monitor arm, desk, gaming chair, two carts, a mat for the chair to rest on, and the ottoman.

Despite the steep price though, we can imagine movie buffs kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying their favorite Game of Thrones episodes with a can of their preferred beverage in hand. And if they ever do feel like heading to dreamland while lying there, perhaps an extremely comfortable pillow would help facilitate their journey.

Source: Bauhutte via Be-s
Images: Bauhutte