As long as you are able to find a Western-style toilet.

When visiting Japan for the first time, it’s easy to get swept away by the historically rich culture or the overwhelming cuteness of everything you see. But, there is one thing visitors always comment about when they return home: how amazing the toilets are! This handy video from ATTN: perfectly explains why they’re worth mentioning.

No matter what your restroom needs are, you can bet there’s a button for that on a Japanese toilet. Also, the fact that the seats are heated is the ultimate respite from the cold winter months as the bathroom itself is frigid. And as the video mentions, these toilets are not only in private homes, but public restrooms as well. Plenty of Japanese employees have admitted that they will sometimes sneak off for a nap in the stall of a public toilet, because they really are that comfortable and inviting.


Toilets, especially public toilets, in the U.S. really can’t even compare. Though, it does seem that some of the technology from Japanese toilets are finally making their way to North America, for example the slow emergence of heated toilet seats in the home which became popular in Japan in the 1970s. The only downside to restrooms in Japan is that you never know when you’ll run into a squat toilet; those provide no joy whatsoever, even if the squatting position is better for you.

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Top image: Flickr/つんつん