Now that the Attack on Titan exhibit has wrapped up in Kyushu, it’s moved on to its next stop, Osaka.

Somewhere along the way, however, the titans and military decided to stage a battle in the middle of Osaka’s central train line, or rather, the train line’s bathrooms. On a mission to remodel some of the not-so-popular toilet facilities located inside five of the stations on the Osaka Loop Line, the bitter enemies are working together for the first time to clean things up.

After a number of complaints from train passengers regarding their unpleasant experiences with the public bathrooms on the Osaka Loop Line, JR West green-lit a much-needed restroom improvement project, then teamed up with Attack on Titan the Wall. The dual promotion move serves to raise attention for the upcoming renovations and the third leg of the exhibit now showing at Grand Front Osaka Kitakan.

So far the Attack on Titan installments have been drumming up quite a bit of attention, and many commuters were quick to upload shots to Twitter of the bathrooms scheduled for a new make-over at Noda, Morinomiya, Tenma, and Ashiharabashi stations.

▼ “The toilet renovations begin now!” – Thank heavens! And not a moment too soon!

▼ “Humans never forget the warmth they feel.” …Like the first time your butt is warmed by a heated toilet seat.

▼ “Cleanse your mind and body of the filth caused by war.” – Or you could just start by washing your hands after you go to the bathroom.

▼ “We’re not out to destroy people, but germs!” – Does this mean more station bathrooms equipped with toilet paper, disinfectant spray, and soap?

▼ “You’re going out there like that?” – You might want to double-check to make sure your fly isn’t open first.

▼ “For the comfort of all citizens!” – Which we hope means significantly fewer squat toilets than before.

The Attack on Titan bathroom installments were rolled out on September 10 and will stay up until the end of the month. Although right now it’s unclear whether or not renovations will be completed by then.

Source: Naver Matome
Feature/top image: Attack on Titan x Osaka Loop Line Project (edited by RocketNews24)