Usually when you walk into a public restroom and see something out of the ordinary, it’s almost always the bad sort of surprise. Dirty floors, toilet seats with an extra bit of yellow, and much, much worse are just a part of the risk you take when entering an area complete strangers use to do their business. But one Twitter user got a different sort of surprise when she walked in to a bathroom stall and saw a face staring back.

Posted on Twitter by , the photo above featuring a freckle-faced girl with pigtails made out of toilet paper has been retweeted over 50,000 times.

Entering into the stall, you can tell right away that something strange is going on with the toilet paper in this particular bathroom.

▼ Something’s off here…B0dnViiCEAAkl0_

▼ WTF?!B0dnViqCAAAt5TT (1)

First freaked out reactions aside, this toilet paper face must have taken a long time to create and took a decent amount of skill to tear, weave, and carve out the ghostly white face. Other Twitter users weren’t so impressed:

“That’s so creepy!”

“Could you imagine seeing that thing in the middle of the night?!”

“What’s scarier is that nasty yellow tinge to the toilet seat.”

“How long did this guy lock himself in the bathroom while making it?”

“It’s cool and all, but what kind of jerk does this in a public restroom? Toilet paper isn’t free, you know!”

“Whoever made that wasted a ton of toilet paper!”

“You think you can wipe your butt with that? I bet feels better than it looks…”

Well there you go, the last commenter solved the problem of the “what a waste!” finger pointers: just use the toilet paper creation anyway.

Turns out there’s good news for everyone, another photo posted by  reveals that the toilet paper art comes right apart, so there’s minimal waste involved:


Huh, what do you know, you can have your toilet paper art and wipe with it too.

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter (marrythe6)