Check out their recipe for creating these neon edibles and learn how to make your own!

Have you ever wanted to eat something that looks like it came out of the movie Tron? Well, your day has come, my friend, because you’ll soon have the chance to enjoy a (completely non-toxic, believe it or not) bite of iridescent rice, seaweed, and whatever else you might be hungry for.

That’s all thanks to Japanese Twitter user, @unatra, who has revealed their (ahem) “illuminating” secret to the world, ensuring that we’ll all have the chance to enjoy this glow-in-the-dark delicacy before long. Provided, of course, you have access to a few common ingredients.

According to a series of posts, to recreate Unatra’s experiment you’ll need rice, dried seaweed, carbonated tonic water, vitamin B2 supplements (one or two pills), and green food coloring.

To start with, Unatra instructs would-be food chemists to take all the ingredients, except the seaweed, and place them in a metal saucepan. The next step is to simply heat up the contents to cook the rice as one normally would.  Remove the rice when it’s ready, and after molding it into the desired shape, wrap with seaweed. Easy, right?

Apparently, that’s about it! For those of you thinking, “there must be a catch,” you’re correct. Sadly, this concoction won’t be glowing on its own, like some mass of cartoon radioactive waste.

Unatra reveals in their posts that the secret to all of this is a black light. When exposed to black light, the finished rice balls transform from ordinary-looking onigiri into otherworldly, luminescent orbs. Wow! Aside from the black light, apparently cooking the mixture imbues the rice balls with the phosphorescent properties of vitamin B2 which melts when heated. Science!

So pull out your black light bulbs, your psychedelic dorm-room posters, and enjoy your glow-in-the-dark feast while it’s still cool. And if you’re looking for an equally bright dessert to go with your meal, these awesome fluorescent jelly shots are sure to amaze all your family and friends!

Source: Yurutore News
Top image: Twitter/@Unatra