A collection filled with hidden surprises. 

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, Starbucks is giving us the tricks AND the treats, with a brand new collection of seasonal goods for customers in Japan.

This year, the treats are coming thick and fast with images of pumpkins, black cats, and bearista bears dressed up as ghosts, while the tricks are concealed in some clever glow-in-the-dark features.

Kicking off the new range is the Black Cat Mug, which has a tail for a handle and a cute ghost between its legs, for 2,310 yen (US$20.75)

The black cat also appears in the Pumpkin Cat Bowl (2,530 yen), which makes it look as if a feline is wrapped around your bowl of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or even cereal.

The Ghost Heat Resistant Glass Mug (2,530 yen) is another cleverly designed product, which looks even better when filled with milk, to bring out the white ghost character.

▼ As modelled by our Starbucks-loving reporter K. Masami.

Another cute product is the Ghost Costume Bearista Bottle with Lid (2,310 yen), which is made up of four pieces that allow you to dress your bottle up in a costume of its very own!

The black cats are making their presence felt all over this collection, with the wide-eyed feline surrounded by ghosts on the Black Cat and Ghost Stainless Bottle (3,410 yen).

▼ Yep, that’s the unimpressed face a cat would make if it were surrounded by adoring ghosts.

Some of our favourites in the collection, however, are the ones that glow in the dark to reveal a brand new design when the lights are off.

Glow in the Dark Mug (2,420 yen)

Glow in the Dark Tumbler (2,420 yen)

Rounding off the collection is the friendly face of the Ghost Bearista (3,300 yen), who holds a mug filled with a Starbucks signature — a topping of whipped cream.

If you’re after an edible treat this Halloween, these Halloween Popping Doughnuts will satisfy your cravings, with their purple potato filling and glaze, for 286 yen each.

The Halloween range went on sale at Starbucks stores across Japan today, but unfortunately many of the items have already sold out. That doesn’t mean the celebrations are over, though, as we’re due a Halloween Frappuccino soon, to accompany these other autumn drinks currently on the menu.

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Images: Starbucks
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