Had your fill of Pokémon Go? Use this device to play classic Game Boy-era games on your phone’s display!

First of all, it needs to be said: Sorry, Apple fans, but this one’s for Android only.

Hyperkin’s SmartBoy attaches to your smartphone so that you can indulge yourself in that 8-bit nostalgia and MIDI sound wherever you go. While it was previously offered on a smaller scale through the SmartBoy Development Kit, this time, Samsung will officially release the product through its accessory partner program in the U.S. and South Korea within the upcoming months.

It’s hard to remember back to 2015 when the SmartBoy was nothing more than an April Fool’s Day prank–but the public response was so overwhelmingly positive that it was turned into an actual product.

Check out how it works in the below videos:

▼ Simply slip your phone into the center slot and the game cartridge into the back slot and you’re good to go!

The SmartBoy is compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. It was designed with the Samsung Galaxy S6 in mind, and is recommended for Android OS 4.4 and above. Furthermore, here’s a neat trick–the retro buttons on the front supposedly work with other smartphone apps as well!

While the SmartBoy Development Kit currently retails for US$59.99 on Hyperkin Lab’s site, it remains to be seen whether this price will change through its upcoming partnership release with Samsung.

Source: Automation via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Hyperkin Lab