ALT acted inappropriately with students on at least three different occasions.

A 29-year-old American assistant language teacher (ALT) was fired from a prefectural high school in Saitama Prefecture on 24 October, after incidents of improper conduct with students came to light.

According to the Saitama Prefectural Education Board, the male ALT, who was in his third year of working at a school in eastern Saitama, was found to have acted inappropriately with students on three separate occasions.

On 22 April, a male student went to the teacher’s prep room after school to practice English conversation with the American teacher when the topic turned to the teacher’s hometown. School officials say the teacher took out his phone to show the student some photos of his hometown when suddenly a photo of a female’s genitals appeared on the screen. When the student looked shocked, the teacher became flustered and quickly closed the screen.

On 21 August, during the school’s summer vacation period, a female student was studying with a fellow female student in a classroom when the ALT walked in. School officials say the girl’s friend left the room and the teacher then struck up a conversation about cooking with the remaining student. He took out his smartphone to show the student some meals on his phone, and the girl commented on how tasty the meals looked. As he swiped through the photos, a picture of a man’s genitals suddenly appeared on the screen. When the student appeared lost for words, the teacher continued swiping, acting as if they hadn’t seen the image.

One week later, when the girl he had shown the image to was studying alone in a classroom, the teacher entered the room and struck up a casual conversation. While they were talking, the teacher dropped his keys and bent down to pick them up. When he stood up, his shorts fell down, exposing the lower half of his body. When the girl looked dumbfounded, the teacher pulled up his shorts, said sorry, and went to leave the room.

As he turned to walk away, his shorts fell down again, exposing his genitals. 

The following day, on 29 August, the female student told a female teacher what had happened. According to the schoolgirl, the male teacher was not wearing anything underneath his shorts when they fell down, but the teacher claims he was wearing underwear at the time and didn’t mean for his shorts to slip.

The teacher also claims he doesn’t recall showing the male student inappropriate images.

The teacher’s improper conduct led to him being dismissed from the school, and while it’s not yet been revealed which company or organisation was responsible for hiring the ALT, we sincerely hope he’s been sent home and never allowed to work in the school system again.

Because as we know, there’s already been enough stories of bad teachers in schools recently.

Source: Nikkan Gendai via Excite News  
Featured image: Pakutaso
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