When a student’s love of anime pops up during school time, some teachers would be mad, but this one decided to be awesome instead.

By some measures, Japanese kids are incredibly mature. For example, they’re responsible for cleaning their classrooms, and often serve the school lunch as well, things that would be unthinkable in many other countries.

Then there’s Japanese Twitter user @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b, whose school requires the students to keep a written record of what they did in class that day. But still, kids are kids no matter where you go, and on one recent day @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b simply wrote in “Excel” and “probability” for the material they’d covered.

Since he had so much room left over, he decided to doodle Naruto, the ninja star of the anime/manga of the same name, and then submitted his report to his homeroom teacher. But instead of getting angry at @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b’s half-effort, the teacher got artistic instead…


…and returned the notebook with an amazingly detailed drawing of Naruto’s adversary Orochimaru, with a stern expression as he says “I’d like you to start concentrating a little more.”

This isn’t the only artwork exchange that’s happened between the two either. On another day, One Piece hero Luffy served as @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b’s muse, and his teacher added the smiling likeness of fellow anime pirate Robin to the page.

“My teacher’s drawing skills are crazy…” tweeted @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b, which had some commenters assuming the homeroom teacher must also teach art. But nope, @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b says she’s actually a health and P.E. instructor, just one who likes anime and can produce amazing sketches.

It’s always refreshing to see a teacher who manages to encourage creativity and curiosity instead of stifle it. Still, we can’t help feeling that if we were in @2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b’s shoes, we’d give up on filling out the form entirely and just spend all our tie drawing anime characters so we could see who the teacher chooses for the next cameo.

Source: Twitter/@2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@2LQgeW9dKjvGR1b