high school students

Japanese high school students go viral with perfect Pixar logo performance 【Video】

Just like the animated logo at the start of a Pixar movie, only funnier.

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Japanese high school student turns heads with bold fashion choice at Harajuku

Tokyo is a magnet for the fashion-conscious crowd but none of them are as fashion-forward as 15-year-old Hikaru.

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“Mr Freshman 2017”: Japan reveals its best-looking first-year male high school student 【Video】

Another unusual beauty contest makes news in Japan.

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Did a Japanese high school student stop 350,000 people from getting home by throwing a bag?

Imagine you’re taking the train home from work at 7 p.m., finally getting to leave after being there for almost twelve hours. You can’t wait to just eat some dinner, relax, and then get some much-needed sleep.

But then bam! The train stops and the electricity goes off. You’re stuck, and you’re not getting home for a long, long time.

That’s exactly what happened on August 4 to many passengers in the Tokyo/Yokohama area. An accident shut down entire lines, affecting over 350,000 people’s commute home.

What caused it, you ask? The answer may be a single high school student and his friend’s bag.

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