Flight attendant recruits dazzle onlookers with beautiful Chinese cheongsam dresses

Forming a promotional flash mob in China’s Sichuan Province, these ladies impressed not with singing and dancing, but with their graceful silhouettes.

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Meet Enako, a cute and popular cosplayer who has all her fans buzzing recently with her latest photoshoot that shows off how well pink suits her.

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What if Frozen had been set in China…

The undeniable success of Disney’s Frozen can be best understood in the inspiration fans continue to draw from the film almost a year after its release. From stunning Halloween costumes to absolutely horrifying Halloween costumes, in addition to all sorts of fan creations.

Recently, though, a new fan-service creation has appeared in the form of computer-generated illustrations of Elsa and Anna wearing qipao (or cheongsam), and as you might expect, the image left the internet applauding.

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