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Video shows the truth behind one Chinese woman tricking parents with rental boyfriend【Video】

When mom won’t quit with the marriage nagging, desperate action must be taken.

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China’s biggest online retailer has a ‘Rent a Boyfriend’ section — Here’s what you’ll find there

China has some interesting matchmaking and dating practices. There are love hunters who track down potential wives for China’s richest bachelors and there are “leftover women,” who are criticized for being older than 27 and unmarried.

In some cases, when a male dies too young, families have “ghost marriages,” exhuming female corpses and marrying the pair.

So, it’s natural for many young Chinese to want to allay their parents’ anxiety over their single-dom. And now they can take to Alibaba-owned online retailer Taobaotweets George Chen at South China Morning Post. That’s the equivalent of shopping for a date on Amazon or eBay.

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