If only real emergency exit signs were this exciting! If you saw that even the little green exit guy was sprinting out of his frame, you’d know it was time to get moving!

But this is no trick art, nor will visitors to galleries be required to don a pair of 3-D glasses to achieve the visual effect; what we have here is the real deal.

This is the work of Yuki Matsueda, a Japanese artist born in Ibaraki prefecture, who is currently receiving critical acclaim all over Asia. When we spotted his work online recently, we just had to share some of his most exciting work with your good selves. We’re sure you’d agree that this is some pretty cool creative design right here…

The 32-year-old artist graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010 with a PhD in design and began producing his dimension-defying works soon after.

As well as receiving high praise in Japan, Matsueda’s work has also been exhibited in Korea and the US, with art and design fans tweeting, blogging and Facebooking images of his eye-popping creations on a seemingly daily basis.

Let’s take a quick look at some of his work!

▼Are we the only ones who want one of these for the office!?

▼No number of “Do Not Touch” signs could ever stop us wanting to…

▼Hong Kong store signs coming to life

▼Is it weird that we still think this egg looks tasty?

▼Come on, just one squeeze?

▼OK, now that floor looks slippery!

Matsueda has received numerous prizes for his exciting three-dimensional art, including the 2009 Nippon Paint Design Center Award, and is fast becoming a household name. Japanese netizens, some of whom were lucky enough to catch the exhibit at the Tokyo University of Fine Art, echoed our own sentiments online, with some saying how they “can’t look at this stuff without wanting to push it back into the frame,” or marvelling at the careful construction of the pieces.

The art is currently being exhibited in Seoul at the Interalia Gallery, and will be shown again at the Keumsan Gallery, also in Seoul, between December 5 – 30 this year.

If any of you are fortunate enough to be in Korea right now and able to attend the exhibitions, we’d love to hear your first-hand impressions in the comments section below, or on our Facebook or Twitter feeds!

For more information about this art or the man himself, visit Yuki Matsueda’s homepage here.

Source: Kotaro 269