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It’s already October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. Have you picked out your costume yet? Trick-or-treaters in Japan were treated to some extra inspiration by Daiso, a discount store where everything is 100 yen (US$1), in the form of an impressive variety of Halloween lashes featuring cobwebs, haunted houses, and swirly stars. Early wearers of these accessories have been praising them for their high quality (but really, would you expect any less from Daiso?). Let’s take a closer look at these outrageous falsies!

Fashion-conscious Halloween fans in Japan have been flocking to Daiso to snap up the inexpensive accessories, and of course, everything lands up on Twitter, so we’ve been treated to up-close views of each product:

▼ There are two styles: Long, colorful lashes and black Halloween-shaped ones.

▼ They also have halloween nails, but the lashes are where it’s at.

▼ That horror house pattern looks horrifying to wear.

And even though Halloween is still nearly a month away, makeup fans in Japan have been trying out the new look. First up, the jagged black ones featuring Halloween shapes:

The colored ones aren’t as extreme, but still make a big statement:

Japanese Twitter users are getting inspired by these over-the-top lashes.

▼ Here’s an illustration featuring the cobweb falsies.

▼ This year’s Halloween costume?

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Does anyone else think these eyelashes look more than a little uncomfortable, like having a bug balanced on your eyelid? Folks in Japan, will you be rushing out to your nearest Daiso to try out this inexpensive fashion fix? If so, show us the photos!

Source: Naver Matome