An imagination-defying visual arts exhibition set to open by the end of this year.

Japan’s premier digital art collective, TeamLab, has created beautiful art installations in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan that test the boundaries of interactive art, featuring themes such as water, light, and traditional Japanese motifs. For their next project, TeamLab’s imaginative innovations will be available outside Japan at the new Superblue Miami art center in Miami, Florida.

Besides hosting installations by artists Es Devlin and James Turrell, the new art center will host not just one, but three Teamlab’s exhibits. The first is “Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries.” Inspired by the flowing movements of water, this exhibit features a continuum of light mimicking a waterfall and its basin. The currents of the strings of light change depending on the touch of museum visitors, who also serve as the “rocks” of the digital water currents, and can enjoy the gorgeous image of light streaming down from the ceiling in what seems to be an everlasting flow.

With the second exhibit, “Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – Transcending Boundaries, A Whole Year per Hour,” TeamLab takes on a theme of epic proportions commonly explored in the fine arts: life and death. As patrons pace through the exhibit and touch the flowers, the blooms undergo the stages of birth, growth, and death, eventually falling down to the ground. This installation’s focus is to highlight the universal and perpetual state of growth all living beings share, and to deliberately reunite two natural occurring events that are often seen as polar opposites.

Lastly, the third available exhibit is “Proliferating Immense Life – A Whole Year per Year.” Visitors of this exhibit watch and interact with vibrant chrysanthemums painted in hues of dark pink, yellow, and white. Similar to the second exhibit, the chrysanthemums also undergo birth and decay. A special focal point for this exhibit is that the flowers are drawn real-time by computer programs. Rather than being a repetitive, preemptively prepared animation, no two batches of chrysanthemums in this exhibit are the same, and museum patrons will be presented a distinct set of flowers for each visit.

TeamLab is also working on a fourth exhibit for Superblue Miami, though it is currently labeled as a work-in-progress and whether or not it will be ready for the art center’s opening is not stated. Titled “Life Survives by the Power of Life Focused on the character for life,” the digital piece is a three-dimensional calligraphy piece focused on the Japanese kanji character for “life,” 生.

Superblue Miami opens on December 22, and tickets are scheduled to go on sale this fall from US$30. Interested folks can subscribe to receive notice of ticket sales here. And if within the next two years you’re not able to make it to Florida, at least there’s always TeamLab’s permanent exhibition in Tokyo’s Odaiba district that’ll still be around.

Source, images: PR Times
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