mico by neurowear

Are you tired of combing through iTunes or Pandora in search of the perfect song? Well you’re in luck! Now your headphones can read your mind and select the exact playlist to suit your mood.

Neurowear, maker of robotic cat ears and tails that move according to the wearer’s mood, has created a less disturbing, brainwave-reading product. “Mico,” advertised as “music inspiration from your subconscious,” is a special set of headphones that selects music based on the wearer’s brainwave patterns thanks to the attached brainwave sensor. Mico’s accompanied iPhone app will then select music based on the user’s mood.

mico by neurowear

Your mood is also shown on the indicator on the Mico headphone, allowing those around you to get a glimpse into your subconscious.

mico by neurowear▲  The indicator lights will change to show when the user is focused, drowsy, or stressed.

This new music experience, described by neurowear as “music serendipity,” was unveiled to the public for the first time at the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, Texas. Bulky headphones will likely appeal to a wider range of people compared to robot tails or cat ears and the technology is just as cool. If you want a less conspicuous brain-reading device why not give Mico a try.

mico by neurowear▲  Cute girl not included.

Source: IT Media (Japanese)