Japan’s brain wave-reading cat ears are back, with a brand-new twist!

Mood-sensing ears for catgirls and catboys smash crowdfunding goal.

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Creepy Robotic Cat Ear Maker Neurowear Releases Mindreading Headphones That Play Music Based on Your Mood

Are you tired of combing through iTunes or Pandora in search of the perfect song? Well you’re in luck! Now your headphones can read your mind and select the exact playlist to suit your mood.

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Mind-controlled Tail Wags Based on Your Mood

Do friends never know how you’re feeling based on facial cues?

Ever find yourself enviously eyeing your dog and its expressive posterior appendage?

Oh tailless one, you are in luck!  From the makers of Necomimi mind-controlled cat ears comes Shippo, a mind-controlled tail that wags based on your mood.

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