The number of Japanese women who are struggling with food and living expenses is reported to be on the rise. While most women try to increase their earnings by taking on an extra part time job or even changing occupations completely, there are others who resort to some rather unscrupulous methods. One such method is to use interactive smartphone games to trick men into buying them dinner to reduce the burden of their food costs.

All the men out there, brace yourselves as what is about to unfold will leave you squirming!

“I often get the men I meet on the internet to treat me to a meal at a fancy restaurant,” boasts nursery school teacher Ms. A (28) who entered into one of Tokyo’s unauthorized nursery schools six years ago. Her income per month after tax is around 130,000 yen (US $1,300). She lives by herself in a small 30-year-old apartment that is located about ten minutes away from Shinjuku subway. Although Ms. A is a woman of striking beauty, she has surprisingly been single for three years.

With reference to her monthly outgoings, she comments:

“I’ve got a lot of expenses, so things are really quite tough. My rent is 50,000 yen (US $500), my smart phone bill 15,000 yen (US $150), and the heat and electricity bill is 7,000 yen (US $70). In addition to this, I’m repaying 20,000 yen (US $200) in student loans each month. The amount left for food is 30,000 yen (US $300). Needless to say, I’ve got no room to put any savings aside.”

Ms. A admits that to supplement her modest food budget, she uses online games to befriend unsuspecting men in hopes that they will buy her dinner. Sadly, there are many reports online of women in the same situation using this method. But why does it work so well? Ms. A explains how she does it:

 “First while playing the game, you message some of the male players asking a game related question like ‘What’s the best way to fight?’”

According to Ms. A, as the conversation progresses, the next step is to make the content of the messages more private-orientated by saying something like, “Works been quite hectic recently. I can’t remember the last time I took a break from it all.”

She further explained that by skillfully ascertaining information about the occupation and age of the man she is messaging, it’s possible to get a clear idea of their worth. Although Ms. A’s actual occupation is a nursery school teacher, to increase the chances of being invited out, she admitted to preying on male fantasies by posing as a nurse.

Once her intended target seems interested, she furthers the conversation by saying, “I was supposed to be meeting a friend this Sunday but she cancelled on me at the last minute.” To this most men usually respond, “What about the two of us going out for dinner?” Ms. A will slyly reply, “I’d love to have dinner with you but… to be honest… financially it’s a bit difficult for me at the moment.” The man’s reply is often something along the lines of, “No need to worry. It’s my treat.”

The whole process usually takes around 15 minutes. Using this method, she commented that her success rate is about three men per month. To the men that are reading this and find themselves turning pale, the next time you find yourself playing a social game online, it might be best to stay clear of any intimate chats with the opposite sex!

Source: News Post Seven