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The former AKB48 idol Anna Mori is crowdfunding her first photobook after recently turning 20 years old (the “age of majority” in Japan, similar to turning 18 in the U.S.) and quickly raised 2,000,000 yen (about US$16,957) with a little help from some unique backer rewards. Mori offered threedates for backers who paid 200,000 yen (US$1,695).

All three dates are sold out. Backers could choose between a picnic and aquarium date with Mori in the Tokyo suburbs; lunch with the all-female photobook staff, including Mori, the photographer, and graphic designer Natsumi; or a “spocha” date with Mori in Tokyo. Spocha is catch-all center for sports, like rollerskating and soccer, and usually also has an arcade and karaoke.

Other rewards include invites to attend the photoshoot, photo ops with Mori, an invitation to the book launch party, and a VIP benefits card.

The campaign will end in 36 days and so far Mori has raised 2,494,000 yen (US$21,145).

Mori was a member of the popular AKB48‘s from 2009 to 2011 before “graduating” from the group and going to college to study childcare and be a nursery school teacher. She graduated with her degree last year.

Dating for idols is usually contractually forbidden outside of marketed video games, with heavy punishment like Minami Minegishi famously shaved her head as restitution for dating or i☆Ris‘ Serizawa publicly apologizing for wearing a ring. However, newer groups like the recently formed Happening Girls use their ability to date, and even marry, their fans as a selling point.

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