Last Wednesday in Mashhad, Iran, a man was sentenced to hang for the crime of murdering a police officer. However, just moments after the sentence was carried out, the bereaved family cried out their forgiveness, demanding that they put a stop to the execution.

According to a report by Iranian Mehr News, the deceased’s family announced their pardon several seconds after the criminal was suspended from the gallows. People immediately rushed to support the man and remove the rope from around his neck. Their impressive quick time makes us wonder if they have some sort of response team on standby, waiting for last-second pardons.

In Iran if the family of a murder victim offers up their acquittal, it will be rightfully observed. In this case it’s been decided that the criminal must pay the equivalent of 3,600,000 yen (US$35,500) to the family in reparations and serve time in prison.

Source: Hachima Kikou