If you’ve ever been to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo (the largest seafood market in the world), then you’ve probably dodged speeding forklifts, gotten lost in a maze of stalls, and seen professionals wielding metre-long knives, filleting expensive tuna according to traditional methods that go back centuries.

Well now you can take the Tsukiji experience home with you (minus those pesky forklifts) thanks to a special bluefin tuna designed and manufactured by Yamawa, a third generation fish wholesaler from the markets.

This ultimate museum model comes in an amazingly detailed package: it’s delivered in a Styrofoam box, with a mini maguro-bocho (the long, tuna filleting knife), display stands, and a body that disassembles into ten incredibly accurate parts, sliced and diced according to professional standards.


▲Your professional fish delivery.


▲Feel the joy of holding your prized catch.


▲The main loins plus the removed backbone.


▲Tail cross-section, loin cuts, and the pectoral fin with that tasty collar. 


▲Getting down to some nice fat tuna steaks, and the most expensive and sought-after sashimi slice: supple, upper belly meat known as o-toro.

Released by Hobbystock on April 16, and retailing for 29, 400 yen (US$299.90), these have been so popular that there are now only a few left, unfortunately much like the real bluefin tuna themselves. But that’s a whole other story.

Source, images: Amazon Japan/Hobbystock
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