train top

Shot by a couple during a visit to Cambodia and uploaded to YouTube just last week, the following video treats us to a ride on one of Cambodia’s “bamboo trains” — worryingly shaky, home-made bamboo pallets balanced on a pair of train wheels and fitted with a disconcertingly large engine.

After all, what trip abroad is complete without experiencing some potentially perilous activity that you’d never dream of doing in your own country?

Constructed in a matter of minutes and placed on the tracks laid by French colonists, these makeshift “trains” rattle along at tremendous speeds, with neither a seatbelt nor grab rail in sight.

First, the train’s wheels are placed on the track. At least they look sturdy!

train setting up

Next, the main unit, made mostly from bamboo, is placed atop of the wheels and slots into place. There are no safety bolts here–the car stays together thanks to the wonders of gravity, momentum and a generous serving of luck.

train top going on

Lastly, the engine is fitted, which the operator is able to sit straddling while holding on for dear life.

train zoom

You can check out the bamboo train in action in the following video. We have to say, as terrified as we’d probably be if we tried this thing out for ourselves, it looks like a ton of fun!

Sure, this little adventure might have resulted in a few broken bones and maybe some internal bleeding, but somehow we can’t help but think that maybe our own holiday adventures pounding shots with feisty women in New Orleans bars are more likely to culminate in a visit to the hospital…

Source: Kotaro (Japanese)
Video via YouTube captainarmstrong