Nothing screams “Apply to our law enforcement office” more than a child berating you for littering.

Becoming a police officer is no easy task. There’s a vigorous amount of training individuals have to go through before they can even step onto the streets. It’s a position that requires strength of mind, heart and body, so it’s important that constant appeals to the newest adult members of society are made in order to maintain a fresh batch of recruits.

But with so many visual distractions in the world, it takes a savvy police department to create a recruitment poster that can snag your attention and also demonstrate the importance of the job. The Osaka Prefectural Police seem to have a knack for it, though.

▼ “This is the sort of person we want.”

The imposing font is perfectly placed next to a terrifyingly adorable child riding the cutest police motorcycle (motor-tricycle?). Who would disobey someone who rides up in such a menacingly cute manner?

▼ Compare the poster on the left (Tokyo Metropolitan Police) with the right (Osaka Prefectural Police)

This isn’t the first time the Osaka Prefectural Police have used a clever marketing scheme for their recruitment posters. We feel that a job with the Osaka Prefectural Police, rather than the Tokyo force , may end up playing out like a first-person action adventure game (though the Tokyo Police do have that RPG vibe going for them). However, the Osaka police won’t only be a daring life of chasing down criminals, all that running may make some changes to your body.

▼ “Go from herbivore man (Japanese slang for non-manly men) to Osaka police.”

You don’t have to tell us twice! If these recruitment photos have you looking to sign up for the Osaka police force, you’re first sleuthing job will be figuring out exactly where you need to go to join. Grab a child’s motorbike, and wheel your way to the local police box for your first clue! Just stay on task, don’t let the wonders of Osaka lead you down the wrong path.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@794×1