Horse blinders for students? Cheating prevention tool at university in Thailand met with criticismA new method of cheating prevention at a university in Thailand has been met with criticism according to a recent report from Newsclip. The tool employs a white paper headband with two large pieces of paper attached to the sides, preventing students from peeking at their neighbor’s answers.

The Department of Agriculture at Kasetsart University in Thailand tested the new method in a classroom of over 90 third year students on August 14. The photo above was posted online, causing debate on Internet sites across Thailand and was so controversial that the head of the Agriculture Department was forced to hold a press conference two days later on August 16. During the conference, it was explained that the use of the paper headbands was proposed by the students themselves and agreed upon by staff and students. However, the “cheating prevention tool” was met with so much criticism that the department decided to suspend its use indefinitely.

So what do you think, RocketNews Nation? Is this as awful as everyone’s making it out to be. Sure, these students are made to look like white elephants while frantically trying to complete their test, but is this an appropriate price to pay for genuine test scores?

Source: newsclip