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Avid readers of RocketNews24 might have noticed our series of articles earlier this month about Japan’s latest fad, freezer diving. This year’s summer heat wave has inspired a whole string of idiotic people to climb into convenience store freezers as a way to beat the blazing weather.

Now, whether it’s a result of Japanese media hype or individual inspiration, pictures of people inside fridges and freezers are popping up all over the world. The latest country to join in the craze was China.

This young woman in China recently posted a photo of herself sitting in the bottom of a glass cooler. Unlike the picture’s Japanese counterparts, it’s hard to tell exactly which store’s fridge she’s abusing, though the unopened stock of food and drinks would imply that the place is either a convenience store or restaurant. She explained her reason for climbing into the refrigerator as a result of the hot weather and being unable to afford an air conditioner. Hopefully, this freezer dive afforded her at least a little respite.

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▼ Korea also has some confirmed freezer divers, like this young boy, staring out from behind cold glass.

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▼ Even the Western world is finding cold comfort in their foreign freezers.

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Compared to the people of Japan, those outside of the country appear less worried about their ice cream and cold drinks having been defiled by freezer divers, though they do worry about the well-being of the people who thought that climbing into the freezer was a cool idea. “Your blood will freeze!” “Won’t you suffocate in there?” Some people respond, concerned for the health of those pictured. “Be prepared to pay damages,” writes another, anticipating some sort of legal action.

What I wonder is just how long this sort of trend will last! If the summer heat inspires people to cool down inside of freezers, should we prepare ourselves for pictures of people warming up in ovens come winter?!

Oh, and kids, there’s a fair chance that if you shut yourself in a fridge or freezer you’ll die, so please don’t try this at home or anywhere else.

Source: Byoukan Sunday (Japanese)
Inset image: egao bott on Twitter