We always suspected that the weatherman didn’t know what he was talking about, but this is just crazy.

It has recently come to light that the NHK Nagoya broadcasting office has been accidentally switching the weather reports for two prefectures. And you’ll never believe how long it took someone to notice.

On Tuesday, the Nagoya broadcasting office of NHK announced that they had been accidentally switching the weather reports for Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture. But mistakes happen, right? We could certainly understand it if someone mixed up the reports before jumping on air.

Except that it wasn’t just one day or even one week over which the mistake occurred–it was four months!


Oddly enough, it seems that it was only the morning “weekly weather forecast corner” which contained the mistakes, so our faith in NHK isn’t completely shaken. But how could such a big mistake go unnoticed for four months? After all, while Gifu and Mie do share borders, Mie stretches south and Gifu lies towards the north.

It seems that the mistaken reporting was caused due to errors that occurred when equipment settings were updated in April. The Nagoya local meteorological observatory noticed the backwards forecasts on Monday and promptly notified the NHK office, who issued an apology for the mistake.

▼ An equally helpful forecast


Japanese Net users responded strongly to the news:


This is the same NHK that is supported by our taxes and licensing fees.

This is hilarious, but I wonder if the reports were that different.

It’s fine, whatever. It’s not like it really caused anyone any trouble.

I don’t go outside anyway, so I never look at the weather report.

NHK has assured the public that they will never let such a mistake happen again, but let’s be honest, would anyone even notice a second time?

Source: Jin115, Asahi Shinbun Digital
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