We all have our vices. Some like a drink or a smoke while others fancy a wager on the ponies every now and again. No matter who you are there’s something you rely on to help get you through the day.

As bad as those previously mentioned habits might be, at least they don’t involve assault charges. The same can’t be said for one middle-aged man arrested for allegedly indulging in his irresistible pastime of throwing cups of urine at women from his car. If they don’t have a rehab for that one yet, they really should get on it.

According to Saitama Prefectural Police, from July there have been 19 cases of women getting splashed with a liquid from a car in Yoshikawa and Koshigaya Cities while walking or riding bikes.

One incident occurred around 7:30pm on July 22 as a teenage girl was walking home. Someone driving a minivan towards her threw a plastic cup of urine and soaked her with the foul liquid.

On August 20 police announced the arrest of 30-year-old Daisuke Yaoita who admitted to the charges allegedly saying “No doubt … I was hooked and did it 10 times.” Police are looking into other possible offenses Yaoita may have been responsible for.

Who knows what kind of penalty this brand of assault will incur but Yaoita would be well-suited for prison life. I hear there are all kinds of pee throwing going on in there.

Source: NicoNico News via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
Image: Wikipedia – Turbotorque