We’re well into fall now, and it’s time to start preparing for some horror-filled festivities on October 31. Japan is getting all geared-up with ghosts and skeletons clearly on display and plenty of Halloween parties planned for the days leading up to the turn of the month. But of course, what’s a Halloween party without a good costume? And what’s a good costume without a band of beautiful girls ready to promote it?

Clearstone costume maker recently released a new cosplay series called Tokimeki Graffiti, modeled and promoted by the idol group, DenpaGumi.inc. Already, whether for the quality of the costumes or the influence of idols, sales are really skyrocketing!

Tokimeki Graffiti formed a collaboration with DenpaGumi.inc, a six-member idol group, to promote their new line of costumes earlier this year. Using these girls as their sole models, the costume line managed to rake in the big bucks right from the start. Back in May, Tokimeki Graffiti began selling at the Akihabara branch of Don Quijote discount stores, and managed to sell more than 100 items on their very first day! Now, distribution is expanding to include select Don Quijote stores nation-wide!

Tokimeki Graffiti has two costume categories in their line-up, based on the quality of the cosplay. Their standard costumes all sell for 4,990 yen (US$51) and are nothing to sneeze at. Meanwhile VIP CAST outfits go for 7,490 yen (US$76.65). The official site lists a total of 48 costumes available in stores now.

Tokimeki Graffiti was created for the sake of people who have never really tried cosplay before but “want to be given an uninhibited taste of the fun and excitement of transforming into something else.” With a whole idol group behind them and Halloween lingering on the horizon, I’m sure many people will turn to them for their costuming needs this fall. If you live in Japan and are looking for a cute costume, be sure to visit Tokimeki Graffiti’s official site for their full list of outfits and check out the Don Quijote nearest you to see if they’re in stock!

Source: My Navi News (Japanese)
Images: Tokimeki Graffiti

Tokimeki is Japanese for “throbbing.” I might have an idea of why they went for that name…


Take note that “cosplay” in Japan refers to just about any costume, not just those from anime, manga, and games.


What self-respecting costume line would be complete without some school outfits?