Is this how you’re meant to cosplay? 

New Year’s is a time to step away from work and studies and make resolutions for the coming year, and if one of those resolutions is to take a tentative step towards the world of cosplay, there’s a fukubukuro lucky bag that’s perfect for you.

Available from online store “ALLCAM”, this lucky bag is designed for first-time cosplayers, with a number of ready-to-wear looks bundled up in one package for 8,000 yen (US$74).

Our package arrived just after New Year’s Day, and opening it up we found the following six items:

▼ The “Army Lady Green” usually retails for 4,300 yen.

The army costume was an easy look to pull off, and with gloves, belt and cap included, all we needed to add from our own closet was a pair of tights to complete the outfit.

▼ Next up was a long maid’s-style outfit, which retails for 3,800 yen.

The long length of the costume makes it a good option for timid first-timers like us, and after a bit of ironing, this one scrubbed up really nicely.

▼ The Little Red Riding Hood costume retails for 3,811 yen.

This costume comes with the tale of Little Red Riding Hood behind it, making it much easier to get into character compared to the previous two. This one fit just right, and we’ll be bringing it out again for Halloween later this year.

The final costume is more of a do-it-yourself creation, as it consists of a long wig, which usually retails for 2,138 yen. Adding it to the Red Riding Hood outfit seemed to give birth to some sort of weird blue-haired monster.

▼ The pack also came with two temporary tattoos, which we decided to leave for another time.

The final product in the pack was a cute cap, which had ears that could be moved up or down.

The only thing we couldn’t work out was what animal this was meant to resemble. Cat? Rabbit? Mouse? Either way, it was a cute and quick way to add some cosplay flair to any outfit!

With the total price of everything in the pack exceeding 14,000 yen, this 8,000-yen cosplay pack was a great buy.

Our resolution to cosplay is now greater than ever, and while we might not be at the same level as the fantastic cosplayers of Comiket, they’d better watch out because with this cosplay fukubukuro, we’re well on our way!

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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