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When it comes to finding a new place to live, most people spend weeks, even months trying to find somewhere that’s just right for them. In urban Japan, where rented accommodation is usually both more compact and in higher demand than in the West, finding an apartment can be even trickier, and prospective renters often have to make snap decisions or risk missing a good deal; opting for a ground-floor apartment and paying a little less; choosing a place with an all-in-one bath, sink and toilet unit rather than separate facilities; getting a place a little further from the station if it means living in a nicer area–you see “close enough” and you grab it.

But would you really feel comfortable living in an apartment knowing that it was once used exclusively for sexy shenanigans every single night of the week? Welcome to the world of love hotel renovation!

In one of its online magazine features, Japanese property website Suumo recently took a look at the emerging trend of unusual buildings being refurbished – or rather “reformed” – as swanky new pads for singletons and couples, focusing this time on an apartment complex that up until very recently was actually a love hotel, the kind of establishment used by sexually voracious couples wanting a little privacy, gentlemen partaking in Lost in Translation-style compensated soirées, and sleepy backpackers on a budget. Urban Japan is home to all kinds of weird and wonderful residences, but this project surprised even us!

On paper, these apartments aren’t really anything to write home about: they come with all the usual conveniences, offer roughly 25 square metres of floorspace, cost around 75,000 yen (US$733) per month–pretty average for a pad in the middle of Tokyo. But, provided they can shut out all thoughts of what has gone on there before, those who choose one of these retired love shacks are definitely bagging themselves an unusual abode and one that’s sure to impress visitors!

Ever wanted to continue watching television whilst bathing or answering the call of nature? With this enormous glass-enclosed bathroom now you can!

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Tired of that boring old neutral decor synonymous with rented accommodation? How about sky-blue walls, flower print around the door, and bold stripes as far as the eyes can see?

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▼ And check out that weird flooring!


Yup, these are some pretty weird apartments, and that’s even after you forget what people got up to in the tub. According to Suumo, rooms in this particular development are proving to be surprisingly popular with women aged 20-30 who have lived in numerous locations and are “looking for something a little more individual”, and foreign investors in particular are expressing interest in taking on properties such as these for reformation.

We’re sure they’ve been given a thorough scrub and are perfectly sanitary, but we can’t help wondering if these rooms are still fitted with black lights and dimmer switches…

Source: Suumo Niconico News
Photos: Tokyo Style, Suumo